DSI'S Role

Financial Advisor to Debtor

Services Provided

  • Crisis & Interim Management
  • Sale of Assets
  • Wind Down Management


Case Highlights

  • Top tier global law firm
  • Developed wind down plan to maximize recovery to creditors
  • Negotiated termination of leases
  • Coordinated sale of assets

Case Narrative

Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP was a full-service top tier global law firm based in New York, with over 26 offices throughout the United States and the world.  The firm had over 1,100 attorneys and over 300 partners the year before the firm filed for bankruptcy.

Pre- and post-petition, DSI was retained by the firm to serve as its financial advisor to assist in the formulation of a wind down plan, negotiate with lessors of personal property to minimize claims and provide for the continued use of leased personal property required in the wind down process. DSI also assisted the firm in the establishment of sale procedures for owned assets, including artwork and the consolidation, transition and/or disposition of client records.