Professional Services

Chief Restructuring Officer and Financial Advisor to Debtor

1 Global Capital, LLC operates in the financial services industry, providing direct merchant cash advances (“MCAs”) to businesses across the...

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Assignee for the Benefit of Creditors

Accuworx was an industrial cleaning and environmental emergency remediation company with offices across the country. The company specialized in...

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Advisor to Creditors’ Committee and Post-Confirmation Trustee for the Creditors Trust

Altheimer & Gray was a full-service global law firm based in Chicago.  The firm had over 325 attorneys and 139 partners the year before the...

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Plan Administrator

DSI serves as the post-confirmation Plan Administrator for Coudert Brothers, a New York City-based law firm founded in 1853, which once boasted 600...

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Financial Advisor to Debtor

Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP was a full-service top tier global law firm based in New York, with over 26 offices throughout the United States and the...

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Financial Advisor to Chapter 11 Trustee

Dreier, LLP was a prominent New York law firm comprised of more than 250 attorneys.  The firm maintained offices in Stamford, Pittsburgh, Albany,...

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State Receiver

DSI was appointed Receiver of the dissolved law firm Fieldstone Lester Shear & Denberg, LLP based upon a dispute amongst the partners.  As...

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Advisor to Firm

Hedlund Hanley & John was a nationally known law firm based in Chicago, comprised of approximately 10 partners and 15 associates whose...

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Wind Down Management

DSI was hired jointly by the firm and the creditors’ committee to manage the wind down of Heller Ehrman, an international law firm founded in...

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State Court Receiver

DSI was appointed State Court Receiver for the Hess Kennedy entities in connection with a matter commenced by the Florida Attorney General’s...

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Financial Advisor to Official Creditors' Committee, Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 Trustee

Howrey, LLP was a global law firm based in Washington, DC, that practiced antitrust, global litigation and intellectual property law. At its peak,...

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CEO and Wind Down Management

It was the Keck, Mahin & Cate case in which DSI developed a standardized formula for partner contribution settlement payments.  Our formula,...

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