March 3, 2022

Joseph Luzinski was recently a special guest on The Practice podcast with Brett Amron & Jeff Bast. Joe discusses his 30-year career doing debtor advisory work managing and operating distressed businesses.

The episode is titled Advice from a Turnaround Expert (episode 62) and can be found here.

They discuss how Mr. Luzinski’s unusual path led him into the business side of restructuring, as he went from client to consultant, and the multiple roles he has served in his 30-year career at Development Specialists, Inc. including: Chief Restructuring Officer, Financial Advisor, Interim Manager, and a variety of fiduciary roles, including Chapter 11 Trustee, Receiver, and Plan Trustee.

The episode is also available on YouTube, Spotify, Google, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, or listen through any podcast streaming app.